The Unity Party supports Australia’s harmonious, multicultural society, seeks to combat racism, lobbies for the rights of refugees and supports Native Title and Reconciliation
PRESS RELEASE - 19 October 2001


The Unity Party is contesting over 15 lower house seats in the upcoming Federal Election and has nominated Senate candidates in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.

Unity is working to ensure that xenophobia does not dominate the Australian political landscape for the next three years.

The Unity Party has issued a string of requirements to the major parties which must be satisfied in order to win Unity preferences. Unity received 10% of the primary vote in a recent by-election and Unity preferences will almost certainly determine the outcome in the culturally diverse New South Wales seats of Parramatta (margin of 2.3%), Lindsay (2.3% ) and Lowe (5%).

The Unity Party has set the following policy conditions, which must be met by the major parties in order to secure Unity Party preferences:

  • An end to the farce of shipping asylum seekers to Nauru or any other place that will take them.
  • A commitment to restart the Reconciliation process, beginning with discussions towards the creation of a treaty with Indigenous Australians.
  • No reduction in immigration from the 2000-1 migration program of 76,000/year; no reduction in the family reunion proportion. It has been steadily falling from 68.6% in 1995-6 to 45.2% for 2000-1.
  • No reduction in the humanitarian program from the 2000-1 quota of 12,000 – we note that the government has not filled this quota for at lest the past 5 years. We ask the government to fill completely these quotas each year

    For more information please contact Bill Cope, Victorian Senate Candidate, on 0418 697 931 or send an email to